Backcountry Guide Fatally Mauled by Grizzly Near Yellowstone

Featured image from Fidelis Orozco (Flickr Creative Commons)

You can never be too careful in the Montana backcountry…

Last Thursday, April 15, veteran backcountry Yellowstone guide Charles W. Mock IV of West Yellowstone, was mauled by a mature, male Grizzly bear that authorities believe was defending a food source Mr. Mock got too close to while he was fishing. Charles Mock was fishing near the Baker’s Hole campground in an area about three miles north of West Yellowstone, Montana and he was carrying bear spray along with his fishing rod.

After the bear ran off after the initial attack, the victim managed to call 911, and authorities arrived on the scene to rescue him. He was taken to the hospital where he passed away after complications after his emergency surgeries.

Later on, authorities returned to the site of the attack to investigate, and we again charged by the same bear multiple times before having to shoot the aggressive grizzly.

According to the National Park Service: “Since 1979, Yellowstone has hosted over 118 million visits. During this time, 44 people were injured by grizzly bears in the park.”

You can read more about the incident in this article from the New York Times.

You can support the Mock Family at the GoFundMe set up to help them through these trying times.

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  1. It wasn’t in Yellowstone…About 3 miles outside of the park. Fishing in the park doesn’t open until Memorial Day. I’ll be fishing his spot tomorrow though. I was fishing the same day as him, and was literally thinking, “this area is pretty busy, I don’t need to bring bear spray.” Needless to say, I’m never leaving my bear spray at home again.

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