A Look at the New SIMMS Flyweight Line

This week Simms dropped their newest wader and gear line: the Flyweight collection. The product line is built for those who want to do more and go further than the conventional angler in an effort to find undiscovered water. You can read more about the release below.

Simms Releases New Flyweight Collection

Last fall, we were lucky enough to tag along with some of our friends at Simms and get a look at the new gear in the field. Inbetween traversing scree slopes and maneuvering in between glacial boulders, we managed to grab a few shots of the gear in action.

casting for trout

Straight from the Simms factory floor in Bozeman, Montana; the new waders and packs acted as the perfect complement to a day spent trekking throughout the canyons, plains, and mountainous landscapes of Montana. With consideration to a growing sport and more pressure on the water than ever, this gear definitely stood up to the task of really helping anglers to optimize their rigs in the effort of efficiently traveling further for fish.

fishing vest

The Flyweight collection is now available for purchase on the Simms website HERE. Also, be sure to stay posted for more Flyweight gear news and content.

Simms Releases New Flyweight Collection

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