5 Flies for the Month of February

Whether you are fishing limestoners, freestoners, or tailwaters, fishing in February can be a challenging task. But for the optimist, spring is right around the corner and with that brings warmer temps and a fresh run of hatches. For the most part, going small is the name of the game during this time of year. Luckily, now that the temps will start to rise, filling your box with a variety of multi-use flies will come in handy. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Trouts Fly Fishing highlights the top 5 files that will get you through the month of February.

5 Flies to Get You Through February

1. Chartreuse Egg (Size 10)

Photo Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Great attractor pattern.
  • Perfect for spring snow melt off.
  • Adds variety to the fly box and can be a go to if nothing else is working.

2. Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail (Size 20)

Photo Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Great fly year round, not only winter months.
  • Great baetis nymph as well as caddis imitation.
  • Can be fished using a dead drift which is very effective or on the swing.

3. Lightning Bug (Size 18)

Photo Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Not the best for a technical trout stream.
  • Best used on freestone creeks.
  • Flashy and a similar attractor to the rainbow warrior.

4. Little Black Sloan (Size 16)

Photo Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Great stone fly imitation and also works well as an attractor pattern.
  • Excellent fly for freestone creeks in the late winter months.
  • Works very well in early spring when stoneflies are active.

5. Two Tone Midge (Size 22)

Photo Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • This is the time of year when midges are very active.
  • Works well on tailwaters where there tends to be picky fish.
  • The two tone color contrast is the best of both worlds imitating the two most frequent colors of midge larvae.

Now is the time to take advantage of the rest of February hitting the tailwaters and other creeks of your surrounding area. Don’t be afraid to give these 5 flies a try during this transition period and into the reaches of early spring as well. While these flies are very effective during February, similar patterns will often work just as well. Best of luck on the water and tight lines!

For more information and where to find these flies, visit Trouts Fly Fishing by clicking here.

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