5 Effective Flies for Redfish from Trouts Fly Fishing

Red Drum, often referred to as “Red Fish” are game fish found cruising the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida as well as the Gulf of Mexico. They often have darker backs and are known for their “eye” spots on their tails. Winter months provide great opportunities for chasing Red Fish as the big bull drum will shift into the shallows. These heavy feeders are known for cruising the flats hammering flies if presented in the appropriate manner. As high tide rolls out and low tide encompasses the marshes and flats, Reds can often be spotted tailing feeding on crabs and baitfish. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Alex Gerbec of Umpqua Feather Merchants breaks down 5 effective flies for targeting Red Fish in the Atlantic. All of these flies can be purchased directly from Trouts Fly Fishing at their Denver and Frisco locations or online by clicking here.

5 Effective Flies for Red Fish

1. Umpqua Gerbec’s Po Boy – Size 2

Photo: Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Designed with craft fur, polar fiber, and rubber legs.
  • Heavy enough to get down and carries a larger profile.
  • Tied on a jig hook to represent shrimp or bait fish.

2. The Electric Bunny – Size 2

Photo: Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Looks simple and also sinks very fast.
  • Slim profile, less abrasive representation of shrimp and crabs.
  • Great for areas with clear water and weed beds.

3. The LIL’ Muddy Baitfish – Size 1

Photo: Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Black and purple material is great for muddy water.
  • Unweighted with a weed guard for subtle presentation.
  • Perfect for Florida area due to is light weight to prevent spooking fish.

4. Umpqua Captain Gregg – Size 2

Photo: Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Mimics a toad or quan style fly, also represents a crab or shrimp pattern.
  • Contains a weed guard and designed to be presented in thick under growth.
  • Heavily weighted to get down quick and is highly visible in murky water.

5. Lexo’s Pop Up Crab – Size 2

Photo: Trouts Fly Fishing
  • A supersized blue crab, great for conditions where a larger profile is needed.
  • Features a jig hook with a weed guard for thick undergrowth.
  • Meant to strip or skirt along the bottom to make the Red Fish finish on the fly.

Now that we have covered 5 effective flies for Red Fish, we hope that you will be more prepared for your next outing. These fish know how to put up a fight and are quite fun to catch on the fly! Take advantage of the winter months for Reds, you may find a new favorite species to target! Tight lines.

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