In this blog entry, Nolan highlights 5 important tips for targeting Smallmouth on the fly during the summer months. Recently, Nolan has been catching some huge fish and we wanted to find out what his secret was.

#1 Concentrate on River fishing in the summer

spend a lot of time fishing open water, but in the summer I definitely spend more time in the river for Smallies

#2 Look for the Muddy Water:

Muddy water is key for big fish.  Although clear to slightly stained water can produce numbers, fooling big fishing in dark water is much easier

#3 Don’t strip too fast!

Slow down your presentation, fish want an easy meal. Slowly twitching a black streamer or leech is deadly..You will be surprised what you might run into

#4 Target Structure

Fish structure or runoff (deep pools) especially when water temp is on the rise.  Smallies tend to stay in the colder water and feed in the deeper runoffs

#5 Big Flies Don’t mean big fish…

Big flies do NOT always mean big fish, small realistic patterns (crawfish, leeches, stoneflies, small bait fish) tend to get a bit more often.

Side Note- when fish aren’t taking streamers, try NYMPHING. Big stonefly patterns can do the trick, especially in muddy water.  Orange bead heads on a black stone will move fish

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