10 Tips for Catching Golden Dorado in the Marshes


Golden Dorado, pound for pound, are some of the meanest, hardest-hitting fish, on the planet. They can be found in freshwater bodies of water in Central and East-Central South America. While dorado fishing tactics can vary depending on location, these are some general tips for the species…Enjoy!

#1 – Move the fly like it doesn’t want to be eaten by a Golden Dorado, remember you are not fishing for stocked Rainbow trout in a pellet pond.


#2 – Don’t be scared to think outside the box. Guides often fall into the pitfall of sticking to one certain fly, often changing it up produces the goods.


#3 – Identify where the Piranha’s hold, this will save you a ton of flies and also dollars.


#4 – Strip set like you mean it. In most cases, people hold back too much, hit them hard!


#5 – The days of fishing to catch numbers are pretty much over for me. Now I rather focus on catching moments, they seem to last much longer.


#6 – Make sure your wire is long enough, be ready for the unexpectedly big fish that might show up. Be the optimist!


#7 – Softer rods often handle jumping fish better. I had a ton of fun with the new T&T Sextant Bamboo rod.


#8 – Keep the fish from the grass. You are rigged to catch monsters, so don’t hold back and pull to the full potential of your tackle. It’s good for the fish too, get them in quick so you can let them go quick.


#9 – Sometimes stop and look around! Golden Dorado in most cases, choose beautiful water to live in. Often surrounded by pristine raw nature and wildlife, that too forms a massive part of a day out fishing.


#10 – Share it with people you enjoy spending time with. Nothing beats energy on a boat, that often gets achieved by fishing with good mates or like-minded people. Remember you do it because it’s supposed to be fun!

My buddy Patrick Duke @artandangling showing off the gold

Christiaan Pretorius is a travel ambassador for The Fly Shop and the Lodge Manager at Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas. The rest of the time he spends traveling the globe chasing his next trophy fish! For epic angling content, follow him on Instagram @christiaanpretorius!

Photos courtesy of Christiaan Pretorius and Pira Lodge


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