Terraoak Genesys: Camping Cookstove that Charges your Phone

In the age of rapidly advancing technology, we as humans are fixated on having the best products on the market. No matter the industry, advancements are being made to provide ease and enjoyment for us as consumers. The outdoor world is no exception. With emissions being a buzz-worthy topic, green energy has been an up and coming idea that provides extreme benefits for our planet. A sad reality of today’s world emphasizes that 1.1 billion people across the globe lack access to stable electricity. Every year, 4.3 million people die of smoke pollution annually. Due to the severity of this pressing issue, the Terraoak Genesys Smokeless Cook Stove was born.

Image Courtesy of Terraoak

This camping essential offers a patented design offering probably the most portable stove on the market. The Genesys reduces smoke and converts waste-heat energy into electricity through a USB port capable of charging your devices. Just like any other traditional stove, Genesys can burn wood, twigs, kindling, and even charcoal.

How it Works:
  1. Choose your fuel whether it be wood and twigs or charcoal.
  2. Ignite the fuel in the burn chamber.
  3. The powerful air injection system regulates the smoke produced to form a convection process. The heat provides 10 watts of power to USB devices.
  4. Fans supply secondary airflow to the burn chamber in order to control the smoke.
  5. The combination of heat from the inner chamber and coolness from the outer shell powers the thermo-electric generator system which reduces smoke and charges your phone.
  6. The outer shell remains cool due to isolation from the internal burn chamber so it won’t burn your hands.
  • A multipurpose cooktop that is compatible with all normal use cookware.
  • Weight of 5 pounds and 9 by 11 inches in size.
  • It contains a removable ash cup at the bottom of the unit.
  • A USB port capable of charging your phone or any other device requiring a USB cord. 
  • Portability, the small and compact size allows this stove to fit in any traditional backpack.
  • Doubles as the perfect campfire to keep warm on those cold evenings in the wilderness.
Image Courtesy of Terraoak

Creators Max Chinnah and Godwin Attigah, both originally from Africa but reside in Waverly Iowa, share the same passion for tackling this pressing issue in today’s culture. They launched the cookstove on Kickstarter in hopes of gathering the funding to distribute this technology worldwide. The two innovators plan to distribute the smokeless cookstove to areas of the world lacking modern utilities.

For more information regarding the Kickstarter campaign as well as details regarding the smokeless cookstove, click here.


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