Yellowstone Angler’s 2020 5 Weight Shootout

Every year, George Anderson, owner of the Yellowstone Angler in Livingston, Montana, assemble a list of the best 5-weight rods, broken into two categories: presentation and performance, available on the market and put them head-to-head against each other. This annual list is an amazing reference point for anglers looking to upgrade their 5-weight, and the insights provided by the list are far worth a read for anyone looking to pick one up. The team at the shop goes into insane detail to show exactly how these rods perform, using the same reel and line in every test. Yellowstone Anglers’ half-century of fly shop and fly rod experience makes these annual lists invaluable.

32, 5-weight rods entire, two leave. That’s how the Shootout works.

For full results and in-depth discussion of reach rod, check out the Shootout’s page, here.

This Year’s Entrants (Alphabetical):

Presentation: Rods “more suited to fishing dry flies that give you the ultimate in accuracy, delicacy, and presentation.”

Beulah Platinum G2 – $550

Douglas Outdoors Sky G 9 – $795

Fenwick AETOS – $199.95

G. Loomis NRX + LP – $795

Hardy Shadow – $359.95

Hardy Zephrus – $699

Orvis Helios 3F – $898

Sage Trout LL – $800

Scott G Series – $845

Thomas & Thomas Paradigm – $875

Winston Air – $975

Power: Rods “that have the strength to cast more wind resistant dries, and also chuck nymphs with indicators, and even small streamers with ease.”

Beulah Guide Series II – $295

Douglas DXF – $395

Echo Base – $99.99

Echo Trout – $349.99

Fenwick Fenlite Streamflex – $339.95

G. Loomis NRX + – $795

G. Loomis Asquith – $1,100

Loop 7S Medium Fast – $950

Orvis Clearwater – $198

Orvis Recon – $498

Orvis Helios 3D – $898

Sage Foundation – $325

Sage X – $900

Scott Radian – $795

St. Croix Imperial – $300

Taylor Anomaly -$559

Taylor Truth – $649

TFO BVK – $259.95

Thomas & Thomas Avantt – $845

Thomas & Thomas Zone – $499

Winston Alpha – $935

To find out which 5-weights took home the top rung in each category, check out the Shootout results on the Yellowstone Angler’s page, here!

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