Yakoda Supply Drifter Gear Transport Review

If you’re a fan of gear designed with purpose, gear that is versatile and gear that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll be stoked on the new gear bag from Yakoda Supply. The fly fishing world is saturated with overpriced, over-engineered gear that does nothing more than drain bank accounts and it’s refreshing to see a company intentionally design a bag with the consumer in mind. This bag is well designed, practical, and available at a price that doesn’t make you cringe.

If you’re like me, you haul your fishing gear around in your car or truck from spot to spot. I know few people who have the luxury of living on a trout stream or a nice bungalow on the beach, so chances are your gear has to be transported from one place to another. In the past, I’ve generally just accepted the fact that the back of my truck perpetually looks like a tornado wreaked havoc on a Cabela’s store. Gear everywhere, rogue flies and socks, empty beer cans and tippet tangles. Rod tubes, reels, waders and boots bouncing and dispersing everywhere. For years I have lived in an unconsolidated mess of fly fishing chaos. That is, until I had an opportunity to pull my life together and reap the benefits of the Drifter Gear Transport.

The following are some aspects of this bag that make it great for individuals who need a bit of structure and could benefit from some housekeeping:

  • It’s huge: 95-liter capacity, way bigger than a lot of bags that cost 3x more. Plenty big for everything you’d need for a week on the water, or can easily carry two pairs of boots and waders, hip packs, nets, etc if you’re going out with a buddy.
  • Lightweight and packable: 14oz. when empty and can be rolled up and stashed like a rain jacket when not in use.
  • Materials: The upper of the bag is made with Japanese-made, 4-ply wader material that was salvaged out of a warehouse in LA, where it might not otherwise have ever seen the light of day. It’s waterproof, breathable and anti-microbial, just like your waders.
  • Changing pad: Most anglers aren’t super careful about caring for the bottom of the booties in their waders but gravel, asphalt, etc. can really mess with the neoprene and result in leaky waders. We use the changing pad to separate our wet stuff from everything else in the bag at the end of the day.

One of my favorite things about this bag is the fact that it can be used for any sport. Most anglers I know also participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities. For me, I used this bag to haul my mountain biking gear to the trails. It easily fits my helmet, pack, gloves, jersey, shorts, snacks, tools, and some extra frosty post-ride beverages. I also used this bag in the winter months for a bit of hockey. If you play hockey, you know that having a smaller bag is essential for stick and puck. I hate hauling a full 40 lb gear bag when all I need is my skates, helmet, gloves and shin pads for a casual afternoon at the rink or local pond.

This bag does not disappoint, and the folks at Yakoda did a great job of designing a bag that does exactly what it is supposed to do: carry gear with ease for a price that keeps consumers happy. I’m stoked.

Be sure to use code “FLYLORDS15” at checkout on YakodaSupply.com for 15% off your Drifter Gear Transport!

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