Wild Reverence: The Wild Steelheads Last Stand [FULL FILM]

WILD REVERENCE is now available to stream for free. The movie had an everlasting impact on the steelhead community when it was first released. Watch the full film for yourself and learn about wild steelhead and their struggles to live on.

“Director Shane Anderson made a pilgrimage to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state to the rivers he once fished as a boy. His relationship with the wild steelhead and the rivers in which they met upon taught him just how precious life can be. What was once a childhood fishing trip has evolved into a journey to find answers why his favorite fish is disappearing from the rivers and appearing on the Endangered Species list. How could this wild and beautiful creature slip toward the abyss of extinction?”

WILD REVERENCE embarks on a quest to begin a movement to enact real change not only for the steelhead but for all ecosystems.

New Fishing Rules Signal a Renewed Hope for Washington’s Winter Steelhead

Behind the Fish: Steelhead/Salmon Biology with Scientist John McMillan


  1. […] I moved to Tahoe out of high school and became a professional skier at the beginning of the whole free skiing movement and didn’t fish for awhile until I broke my back at the 2000 X games. I then had two consecutive knee surgeries and ultimately ended up losing that career. The rivers called to me as a form a therapy and excitement in my life when I really needed it. I began making the annual pilgrimage to the Trinity and Klamath Rivers and caught the steelhead fever which eventually led to me going back to school at Humboldt State to study fisheries and then starting my film career with Wild Reverence: The Wild Steelheads Last Stand.   […]

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