If all you have today, and all you’ll ever have in life is the companionship of a loving dog, and the patience of a long slow stretch of river, you have been blessed with a beautiful life.

In a chronic search for fulfillment, we often pull away from the simple and abandon what could possibly bring us the most joy in return for a promise that we become successful. But what is that success, where does it begin, where does it end, and what is its cost.

As fisherman success is perhaps defined more plainly; and while it can become about the number of fat river trout in a net or the girth of such fish, maybe success as a fisherman is even more simplistic. Did you enjoy it? If the answer is yes, you were successful.

Let competitive desires play elsewhere, and be on the river in that precious moment. Be grateful for nature’s patience; that as many times as we humans pull away from its grace to fulfill other commitments, we can always return to it, just as amazed as the first time.

Article and photos from Brierley McCubbin, check her out on Instagram @brierley_grace.

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