Washington Anglers Protest State Recreational Fishing Closures

Washington State Fishing Protest
Photo from: KAPP-KVEW News

Richland, Washingon –

On Saturday, April 18th, hundreds of boaters and anglers gathered in Washington State to protest the state government’s closure of recreational fishing that went into effect in late March.

According to KOMO News, “boats gathered at Columbia Point Marina to send a message that they are upset about the fishing ban. Boaters managed to keep their distance from each other during the protest. A large crowd also gathered on the shore of the park.”

Washington anglers are frustrated by the fishing closure, especially because other watersports are still permitted where public access is still available.

“Over the weekend there were houseboats, kayakers, paddleboards – you name it – they were all out and able to enjoy the sun. But I was out there with my 2-year-old, and I couldn’t give him a fishing pole because he would have been a criminal,” explained Dan Hanes, the protest’s organizer.

Header image from: KAPP-KVEW News

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