Are you tired of looking at the same wallpaper on your phone or computer? So are we, so we’re launching “Wallpaper Wednesdays” featuring our pick of the week to be the picture you look at when you check the time on your phone, or when you sit down to check some emails!

This week’s picks are from artist Brandon Finnorn, M.D., @thebonniefly on Instagram! Brandon switched careers from being a medical doctor to pursue his illustrations and has never looked back! Check out the rest of his story on his blog!

Want to use these photos as your phone background?

Head over to our Instagram – Click our current STORY and screenshot the photo

Be sure to add a little variety to your phone or computer screen and stay tuned every Wednesday for our next picks.

Photos Courtesy of Brandon Finnorn, MD. Be sure to check out the rest of his awesome content on Instagram @thebonniefly!

Have a favorite shot from a previous week’s Wallpaper Wednesday? Find them here:


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