Kwinana, Australia Doing Their Part To Keep Waterways Clean

We’ve all seen streams and creeks with trash covering their banks. It is an all too common sight that should have an easy solution. As fishermen, we strive to keep the waters we cherish and enjoy clean and aesthetic, but trash and litter will continue to find their ways into our waters. The town of Kwinana, Australia is a leading example of how towns and cities can take matters into their own hands. Earlier this spring, Kwinana installed nets on several of their drainage pipes. The nets prevented trash and debris from entering streams and degrading environments. The results were great: from March to August of this year, 815 pounds of litter was prevented from entering the town’s waterways. This is the kind of ingenuity that is needed to keep our streams and rivers clean. Kwinana’s nets are a effective and simple solution to man-made problem. Hopefully, these nets make their way over to the United States soon because they work and, at this time, appear to have minimal harmful impacts.

Check out this article for more on Kwinana’s drainage nets!

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