Video of the Week: Monster Redfish Attack

Every winter, fellow guide Tony Janik (IG: @anthonyjanik) and I will plan a few days off work to drag one of our skiffs 10 hrs from Jacksonville, FL to the Louisiana delta. Inevitably, we’ll catch some tough weather (this year it snowed freakishly for several hours on the drive over) but this only adds to the adventure.

Do we have a great fishery in Jacksonville? Absolutely… But the sheer quantity and size of LA’s redfish, many of which have never seen a fly or skiff, are unmatched. It’s a fly angler’s paradise; long, winding, early morning skiff rides out to what feels like the end of the world. There, you find yourselves alone taking in the rustic beauty of the marsh, all the while looking for the tell-tale, orange subsurface signature of what you really came for. 50 fish days are not out of the ordinary and a 35+lb trophy redfish of a lifetime could always be floating midwater column around the next bend. It’s the ultimate adventure, and I’ll be making the annual drive for as long as I’m able… 

On the video: This was shot the morning after the snow had fallen on the LA Marsh. Expectations were low, angler tensions were high, but the water was clear and the fish were present and willing to eat. We were behind this small school and Capt Tony was poling as fast as possible to catch up.  I was able to get the fly in front of the fish with a lengthy cast, and quickly mend the line to account for the fast-moving skiff. Fortunately, the largest fish in the school intercepted the fly, and like most LA fish quickly inhaled it.

Jacob Benton is a Florida based fly fishing guide and photographer, be sure to check him out on Instagram @jbenton02, or book a trip on his website!

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