Bird Eating GTs

It’s been an incredible 2018 for fishing content in general, but the ballots are in and the Flylords team has all agreed that the BBC Blue Planet segment on Giant Trevally in Seychelles tops them all.

To think anglers target these fish on poppers in the surf, then to watch them leap out of the water and take down a full-grown bird was a pretty insane moment…

If you haven’t seen the segment, here is a closer look. This is a segment from Blue Planet II episode one:


The Radio Times Staff sat down with BBC producer Miles Barton, here is what he had to say about this sequence:

“We knew these fish were targeting Terns, but it was very unpredictable, making it challenging to shoot. Then we found out that some of these fish came into a channel close to the beach, so that’s where we set up our tripod and camera. You could see the fish under the water, you could see the birds flying over the water and you start to see the fish track the bird like a little missile. The fish manages to project itself a meter out of the water and then expands its mouth to the size of a small football to totally encompass the bird. It happens so fast you don’t really see it until you play it back.”


“The best shots for me were when the bird gets away because you have this amazing battle between a fish and a bird just above the surface of the water – the acrobatics of the leaping fish and the aerobatics of the bird. It’s truly spectacular.”
The interview was conducted by Terry Payne

Blue Planet II - early release

For more info on where you can watch this full episode click here:

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