Happy 2022 to everyone! To kick off the new year we’ve got an absolutely epic video from Alex Waller, Gian Booysen, & Jack Kos targeting Kingfish on the flats off of New Zealand. Equipped with 8 weights, pinned drag, and baitfish patterns the boys sight fish these yellowtail off of stingrays cruising the flats. Yellowtail Kingfish are known throughout the world as California Yellowtail, Northern Kingfish, and Asian Kingfish to name a few, but all are actually the same family with 3 distinct sub-species. All 3 subspecies have different tendencies from the California yellowtail holding strong to kelp forests and reefs whereas the yellowtail kingfish staying relatively coastal and hunt on the flats for their forage. So sit down and ring in the new year with an awesome sight fishing video that will be sure to cure your wintertime blues.

Make sure to check out Alex’s page here: @Trippin on Trout to follow along on his epic adventures.

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Winter Yellowtail on the Fly

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