In this Video of the Week, we Catch up with Gin Clear Media on their Season Finale of Pure Fly NZ where the crew hikes into the backcountry to target Trophy Brown Trout before the highwater shuts the fishery off. “Trophy trout” don’t do these fish justice, the caliber of these fish that the crew so calmly fish to is staggering. These fish make our 20″ trout look like baitfish, we are talking double digits or as the crew refers to them “dubs”. The crew consists of some of the fishiest people in New Zealand featuring Mike Kirkpatrick, Tom Hodge, Hannah Julie Clement, and Nicky Reygaert behind the lens. So sit down grab a beverage, some buddies, or your vice, and watch in awe as the crew sight fishes to some of the biggest brown trout in the world.

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