In this week’s episode of Video of the Week, we catch up with Ben Sittig otherwise known as @hugeflyfisherman, on a winter fly fishing trip for Smallmouth Bass. Alongside Ben are his buddies Kyle, Cody, Larry, & Lewis all in search of the elusive winter smallmouth. The boys were fishing what is called a “white wiggle minnow” which swims as a crankbait would. After their first day on the water, the boys head over to a new fly shop called The Fly Box in Bristol, Tennessee. What makes The Fly Box so special is that it’s a fly shop with all the bells and whistles but also serves food and has a bar. So as Ben put it, “it’s Heaven.” So sit down and enjoy as Ben and the crew experience the sights, sounds, smells, and fish of Suessville.

And remember Stay Huge!

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