April Fly Fishing Forecast

Its hard to believe that we are mid way through April already but that is music to our ears. We are gearing up for arguably the best time of year for trout fishing and it is important to be aware of what to expect. In this weeks tips and tricks video, Trouts Fly Fishing gives us a Fly Fishing forecast for the month of April. Flies to use, weather patterns, and what to expect on the water.

Productive Bugs for April

April is a great time to take advantage of a fresh run of hatches for the year. Trout are likely more excited than we are. Below we will highlight the top flies to use this month.

1. The Frenchie


Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Arguably one of the best flies to use year-round for trout.
  • A great lead fly for a nymphing rig.
  • The jig approach gets your flies down and the flash adds attraction for hungry trout.

2. The Electric Caddis

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Chartreuse/olive colored caddis nymphs are super effective this time of year.
  • The added flash provides an attractor for trout.
  • Caddis are hatching heavily in the spring, switch up variants and select what works best.

3. The Shotglass Baetis

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • A great fly to drop off of your caddis nymph as baetis are also very active this time of year.
  • Great during sunny or cloudy conditions.
  • Very present in the water column at all times and work well when paired with other active nymphs during this time.

4. The Rojo Midge

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Very effective during this month as midges are filling up the water columns.
  • Works really well with the electric caddis and the shotglass baetis for a 3 nymph rig.
  • Red is a great trigger point for fish to pick off emerging midges.

5. The Wedgehead Streamer

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Rain is very common during the early spring months and so cloudy water calls for streamers.
  • You might be surprised by this but it can be very effective to throw in a streamer to mix it up mid-day.
  • A go big or go home type of fly for variable water conditions.

Flows for April

The common saying “April showers bring May flowers” often remains true. Water levels can be variable during the early spring months and so it is important to be aware of the levels before you make the trip. Freestone streams are fed by surrounding streams and flows from high mountain ranges. It is important to remember that if the levels are too low, avoid fishing freestone streams to avoid stressing out trout. Usually we encounter enough rain during this time that its not a worry, but its nice to keep in mind.

Spring creeks are regulated year round most of the time but are susceptible to increasing and decreasing in flows. During or after rain storms are the perfect time to break out streamers in spring creeks. The water usually has that nice greyish tint and larger trout tend to move around searching for food. Take advantage of these conditions. Spring creeks are a great option as well if the flows of freestone streams aren’t quite high enough.

As mentioned previously, April is a great month to hit the water. Do your research and plan accordingly and you will find success. Monitor the flows closely. If you can dial in the flows, you will likely enjoy your time on the water more often than not.

For more information, check out Trouts Fly Fishing for gear and more forecasts for the coming months.

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