In this week’s edition of Video of the Week, we catch up with Wild Fly Productions and the boys from Blue Line Co on their most recent trip to Ennis in search of aggressive browns and a duck or two. October, a month congruent with streamer weather, the duck opener, and unpredictable weather. The boys had this trip planned far in advance and the one thing they were hoping to count on was the weather. Well, as fly fishermen we all know how that goes. Montana gave them a bitter taste of winter, but the boys prevailed through and stuck to the gameplan. Check out the video below for some frozen boots, a few missed shots, and a fish or two.


A whiskey shooter or a few, the chance at a big mean fired up brown trout, and an empty river kept the boys headstrong on the goal. Winter fishing may not be for the faint of heart or for the fair-weather angler but the opportunity to share the river with good friends no matter the temperature is always a good time!

Featured Image Courtesy: Scottie Finanger

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