In this week’s episode, we take a look at Alex Waller’s (@Trippin_on_Trout) most recent video from his solo trip to the South Island of New Zealand. On this trip, Alex’s goal was to fish new rivers and new water. This particular new river really challenged Alex, a bouldery bottom made wading difficult, spooky fish, and to top it all off Alex has one of the hardest fights of his life with one of his biggest browns. The disparity, hope, the challenge you can hear in this fight is something we as fishermen can all relate to.  Check out the video below to see if he Lands this monster on 5x!

Fishing new waterways we dream of hooking that fish we see in our dreams. Well in this video not only does Alex catch multiple browns that we in North America would lose our minds over but his final fish is something that is hard to comprehend. Alex is a fishing guide and YouTuber on the North Island of New Zealand, make sure to connect with him here @trippin_on_trout to follow along on his adventures!

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