Fly Fishing Team Wins 178-Boat Bass Tournament, Out Fishing Conventional Tackle Teams

In what may be the biggest upset in American Bass fishing tournament history, a fly rod helped take home 1st prize. At the Wild West Bass Trail’s (WWBT) Lake Shasta Tournament on January 2nd, anglers Ryan C Williams and his partner Logan McDaniel took home both the overall “W” and the “Big Fish” prize of the tournament.


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The two winners of last weekend’s tournament were Ryan Williams and his partner Logan McDaniel, and according to Ryan, “the fly rod legitimately contributed 50/50 to our bag.”

Results of the Lake Shasta Team Tournament

While most will probably put their noses in the air and say this wasn’t a full victory for long-suffering bass-on-the-fly anglers seeking validation in tournaments. It does go to show that with perseverance, flies can, and sometimes will, out fish even the finest amateur conventional-gear anglers.

Congrats to Ryan and Logan for the victory, thanks for bringing one home for the fly team!

The WWBT is a bass fishing tournament series that runs in Arizona and California, playing host to both team tournaments and Pro/Am competitions.

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