Video of the Week: Tight Loops “Notes from the Road” Entry No. 3

In this Video of the Week, we take a look back at Chase and Aimee’s (@tightloopsfly) series called Notes From the Road. These short films are Audio Visual Diaries featuring  B-roll from their Feature-length film “Journey on“. Entry 3 takes a look at their time spent in and around Yellowstone National Park. Their 1985 Westfalia named Bullwinkle decides to have engine problems in the park forcing Chase and Aimee to think on their feet. So sit down and enjoy the serenity that encapsulates the eat of a Yellowstone cutthroat to the bellowing grunt of a Buffalo.

Aimee and Chase are @TightLoopsFly and live full time in their 1985 Westfalia Van. From fly fishing, videography, and storytelling you won’t want to miss their adventures! Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Youtube as well as keep your eye out for their newest Project “For Wild’s Sake: The Rare Trout Chronicles.”

Check out their newest Podcast with @Wildflyproductions here: #16 Tight Loops

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  1. Any chance of detecting to the USA to fish? Tired of UK premier fly waters being tied up in the hands of “twits in tweed”! Lovely local river in the stranglehold of a syndicate whose policy is for new members to join by recommendation by two existing members…. Work that one out! Not work shy, point me in the direction of a good river and you will not regret it!

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