In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Tom Rosenbauer and Rick Mikesell of Trouts Fly Fishing in their Ultimate Fly Fishing test of catching a Rainbow trout, a carp, and a white sucker in the local Denver area. Rick is a seasoned DSP fisherman but with Tom, in tow, their goal is to get Tom on some local urban fish. “The Grand Slam is one of the most challenging scenarios that a fly angler can achieve. Traditionally, in the world of flats fishing, to pull off a Grand Slam requires that the angler catches a tarpon, permit, and bonefish all over the course of one day on the water. Anyone who has spent time in the front of a flats skiff knows that accomplishing the Grand Slam is no small feat but walking around Denver in the sleet chasing warm water species, now that’s a challenge.

“We were able to schedule a day on the water with the legend himself. An honor to say the least. Here was the catch – Tom only had a couple of hours to get out with a speaking engagement later in the day. Mr. Rosenbauer – who is no stranger to fly fishing for carp – wanted to check a Denver South Platte carp off his list. Luckily, our own Rick Mikesell is a certified DSP junkie and knows the ways of the common carp even in the winter.”

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