Video of the Week: Stories from the Fountain

The brook trout is one of the most beautiful fish that you can catch, and our latest video of the week takes a moment to appreciate the true beauty of these fish.

In “Stories from the Fountain”, four fly fishermen take a three-week journey to research these amazing fish and find out the history of these fish that are native to Pennsylvania.

This film takes a different perspective from your typical fly fishing video, digging into the environmental issues associated with keeping these fish healthy and well populated.

Through their research, they were able to find out that brook trout are in danger, mostly at the fault of ourselves. The good news is that there is still hope to save this beautiful species. We just have to be willing to put in the work.

Be sure to check out the full length film to find out what you can do to keep this beautiful species alive and thriving.

This film was created by the Pennsylvania 5Rivers Odyssey. Be sure to check out the filmmaker, Matteo Moretti on Instagram for more awesome content.

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