In this Video of the Week, we take a deep dive with Costa into the Indifly Organization and their Wind River Reservation project. Indifly is an organization that serves the Indigenous communities. Ultimately, Indifly helps develop sustainable local economies while empowering Indigenous communities to conserve natural resources. The Wind River Reservation is home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes. The Wind River Indian Reservation is one of the most spectacular wild and remote places in the lower 48. The 2.3 million-acre Reservation includes some of the best fishing in Wyoming with over 1,100 miles of streams and 265 lakes containing a variety of trout species and attracting visitors from across the country.

The residents of Wind River nonetheless face many challenges to protect their pristine resources, including barriers to youth engagement in the outdoors, limited management and enforcement resources, and an unemployment rate of over 70 percent. Indifly has partnered with the Eastern Shoshone & Northern Arapaho Tribes Fish and Game in an effort to develop a lodge on the Wind River Reservation that will be fully run and operated by the tribes. This project aims to create future stewards, utilize the unique natural resources of the Reservation to empower enrolled members, provide sustainable livelihoods, generate community-wide economic benefits, and create incentives for the protection of Indigenous homelands. Learn more about this project and others here:

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