5 Things You Didn’t Know About Arctic Grayling

#1 – The scientific name of the Arctic grayling is Thymallus arcticus. It was named in 1776 by German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas from specimens collected in Russia. “Thymallus” word originates from the faint smell of the herb thyme, which emanates from grayling flesh. (Fascinating… We know)


#2 – Arctic Grayling can grow to be 30Inches in length! Could you imagine?


#3 – Arctic Grayling can live to be over 30 years old.


#4 – There are six grayling species in the northern hemisphere, but the Arctic grayling is the only species found in North America. The Grayling is also considered to be a “Salmonoid”. The only Salmonoid with a distinguishing sail-like dorsal.


#5 – Arctic grayling are found throughout most of Alaska, except the southeast, Kodiak Island and the Aleutian Islands. They also range from Russia’s Ural Mountains across Siberia, Alaska, and Canada to the western Hudson Bay and as far south as Montana in the U.S. and Mongolia in Siberia.

Photos and article by @jzissu – Flylords Founder & President.

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