In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Joseph Evans and Bradley Funkhouser on a guide’s day off expedition to chase after some rocky mountain bonefish, or as they call them. Marp. Joe states that “this last summer in 2021 has hands down been one of the roughest seasons for guides and wildlife in the pacific northwest. From droughts to fires, the struggles have been endless. However, there is one species that has been thriving through it all and an absolute blast targeting on the fly when trout are no longer on the mind.”  Once the boys dropped the boat in they were immediately surrounded by carp “marping” their way around the shallows. So sit down and enjoy as the boys target these marp with everything from leeches to chubbies. 

Joseph Evans and Bradley Funkhouser guide out of Picabo Angler in the greater Ketchum, Idaho area. Make sure to follow these guys for more killer content and some awesome fishing adventures.

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