Video: New Zealand Brown in Spring Creek

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to fish in the South Island of New Zealand. Unfortunately, water levels in the Lewiss pass area were pretty high, so we had to look for some small spring creeks!

After trekking through the wild, we finally found one in the middle of nowhere!

The water reminded me of the streams from my childhood, where targeted small browns between 10-20cm! Those were the size of the fish I was expecting, so when I saw the size of one particular fish, I was extremely impressed!  The idea flashed through my head Wake up, and welcome to New Zeland Girl! A huge beautiful brown was swimming close to the bank, rising for small dries… I took just one cast with a small caddis and immediately the fish hungrily chased after the fly!

It was the greatest reward of the day to release this beautiful brown trout back into his creek!
Thanks to @petrpetersson for the great video footage. Video from New Zealand coming soon, stay tuned!

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