Umpqua Releases New-to-Market Pink Big Game Fluorocarbon

Colored tippets and leaders are not wildly new to the angling world. There are plenty of red, pink, and green color line variations in conventional angling, so why not apply that to fly fishing? Umpqua believes that with its unique pink fluorocarbon tippet, anglers can now up the ante in sub-surface line visibility. Check it out, below!

From Umpqua:

Umpqua’s new Deceiver HD Pink Big Game Fluorocarbon Tippet offers all the advantages of a premium fluorocarbon but goes a step beyond when it comes to sub-surface invisibility. Red is the first color in the water column to disappear and pink is the lightest shade of red making it fall out the quickest.

In addition, when standard fluorocarbon gets abraded or nicked the defect illuminates clearly underwater, the unique pink additive greatly reduces this problem adding to the invisibility.

When your fly presentation is paramount and you need to have the edge, think pink, with Umpqua’s all-new Pink Big Game Fluorocarbon.

Tippet available in 8lb- 40lb

MSRP – starting at $14.99

Do you think this new leader material will change the game? Let us know in the comments!

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