2019 5 Rivers Rendezvous – Midwest Recap

After Get Trashed back at the event center

Small streams, rolling hills, Friday fish frys, hot dogs, and cheese curds all confirm that you’re in Wisconsin. The TU/Costa 5 Rivers Midwest Rendezvous was everything I expected it to be…a bunch of college students who were stoked on fly fishing, and the outdoors.

While my expectations of the event were met, they were also exceeded by everyone’s passion and eagerness to learn and discuss how we can help preserve our natural resources. I was also quite impressed with everyone’s ability to roast a hot dog on an open fire with a stick and cover it with cheese, and so was Jay Johnson.

Not only did Jay wow the students with his hot dog roasting skills, but he also wowed the students with his fire starting abilities. There was a challenge during the first campfire, and Jay gave the contestants a head start, but ultimately won.

On the day of our Pig Farm Ink Get Trashed event, the weather turned and it started snowing. Not just a few flakes here and there, it was really coming down and accumulating.

That didn’t stop the Midwest students from getting out there in teams to fish, help others new to fly fishing fish, and pick up trash.  I know I was personally stoked to see all of the students gung-ho about getting out in the snow. It shows they’re a bunch of true Midwesterners.

All in all, it was an awesome event, and it was really cool to see and know that the future of the sport and outdoors will be in good hands.

Article and photos from Justin Carfagnini. If you are interested in attending one of these events, be sure to check out @tucosta5rivers on Instagram to follow along with new events.

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