From a River Runs Through It, to fan-favorite cartoon, Rick and Morty, for an avid trout angler, it’s always fun to see fly fishing in mainstream media. Sometimes it’s tastefully executed, and other times it’s extremely awkward and can ruin a scene, commercial, or movie very quickly (although can be very funny). Here, we put together a list of some of our favorite TV shows, Movies, and Commercials where fly fishing and (trout) have made appearances. 

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Rick and Morty

Fly Fishing Rick makes an appearance in the Oval Office, declaring to the president he is not hostile because he is wearing fly fishing garb.


In this episode of my personal favorite TV series, John Dutton takes his grandson, Tate, fly fishing. Kevin Costner, who plays Dutton, drops an all-time quote, “Trout are like bankers, they don’t do a damn thing in the morning”.

A River Runs Through It

This list would not be complete without “A River Runs Through It”. It is the most quintessential fly fishing media to ever exist. We should have just provided the full movie as a link, but we exhibited self-control and only provided two clips.

Salmon Fishing In Yemen

You want to put salmon, where?

Boston Legal – Pacific Salmon

This clip from Boston Legal is spot on, and timely, especially with the current situation surrounding Pacific Salmon. Although this specific scene is not focused directly on trout, many of the points made directly reflect circumstances facing steelhead and trout around the world.

In addition to their features in TV and film, fly fishing and trout have made some interesting appearances in commercials as well.

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