5 Future Fly Fishing Trips to Plan While in Quarantine

It is no secret, the world has been shocked by the unsettling reality of COVID-19 leaving many scared and depressed. While times are very difficult right now, a brighter future awaits which is something to look forward to. During this time of quarantine, you may be thinking of ways to fill your time and keep your mind in a positive place. What better way to do that than to plan your future bucket list fly fishing trip! Although traveling right now is not advised and prohibited in certain areas of the world, airfare is at an all-time low, and airlines are offering special accommodations to trips that are booked throughout the year. Here we will highlight 5 future fly fishing trips to plan during your time of quarantine.

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The Bahamas

When you think of crystal clear water and salty air, The Bahamas is certainly a place that comes to mind! As we know, The Bahamas suffered a catastrophic blow with the wrath of Hurricane Dorian. This storm left the area devastated and faced with a lengthy rebuild. Thankfully, This country bounced back and is still home to world-renowned bonefish, tarpon, and permit fishing opportunities. The white sandy flats offer multiple other aggressive species such as triggerfish, jack, barracuda, and sharks. Looking for a tropical adventure once the quarantine is lifted? The Bahamas is the destination for you!

Anglers looking to plan a trip to the Bahamas are recommended to check out the Great Abaco area. Abaco is home to one of the most abundant bonefish fisheries in the world. Fly Fishing the salt flats can be addictive to anglers and as expected, this area receives a fair amount of pressure. The quarantine has obviously reduced the pressure to levels that have never been seen before. This is hard for fishermen but very good for the ecosystem.

Looking for a place to stay? The Delphi Club is the perfect location for saltwater fanatics. This luxury fishing lodge is located in the wilderness areas of Great Abaco. Due to the location, it’s surrounded by wildlife and situated in the prime habitat for bonefish, permit, barracuda, and triggerfish. This private getaway provides a luxurious experience for guests and fishermen alike. Guests are spoiled with excellent care and comfort which always results in repeat visitors. The Delphi Club is a highly recommended lodge for anglers seeking adventure in the Bahamas.

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Have you ever had the itch to venture to Patagonia in search of large rainbow trout, sea-run brown trout, brook trout, king and or pacific salmon? Rio Palena is the trip for you. Due to the effects of COVID-19, travel is on hold at this moment. On the bright side, November and December are months in which springtime browns are in full-on predator mode. Rio Palena is a region that runs directly through Chile and Argentina giving anglers the opportunity to visit two countries in one trip. What more could you ask for?

Looking for a place to stay? The Rio Palena Lodge is located on the banks of the Rio Palena landscape with access to world-renowned fisheries. Anglers have access to either wade or float the rivers of Patagonia in search of large trout and various other species. Other activities offered include white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing in the peaks. The large suites offer the perfect accommodations for a fly fishing adventure in Patagonia. Details on the Rio Palena Lodge can be found here.

If you are looking for a destination where you can target multiple species no matter the time of year, Rio Palena is the place for you. Although difficult to get to, this remote oasis is an excellent location to recover from these difficult times and enjoy what South America has to offer. So what are you waiting for?

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Imagine yourself looking up to rolling hills and enormous mountains as far as the eye can see. The highlands of Iceland may be calling your name making this a breathtaking trip to plan during your time of quarantine. Known for its wild arctic char, Atlantic salmon, and brown trout, Iceland is one of the best locations in the world to find these trophy species. Are you driven by the tug of large freshwater species? If so, Iceland is the destination trip for you!

In a land known for seclusion and vast countrysides, anglers are treated with empty river systems housing high-quality fish species. Angling pressure is very low in Iceland which results in healthier fish and thriving ecosystems. Prime times for fishing are from June to September, starting early summer and running into fall. Looking to book a trip? The Reykjavik Angling Club provides the perfect accommodations for anglers looking to venture to the rolling hills of Iceland.

Anglers can choose from over 24 different river systems throughout Iceland. The Reykjavik Angling Club will pair you with a lodge-based on the river of your choice. All lodges are capable of accommodating groups, and anglers can customize a package to suit the trip of their dreams. Food and beverages are included with the packages. Along with fishing, other activities are available such as hiking, camping, kayaking, etc. If you are up for the adventure while catching fish of a lifetime, Iceland is a highly recommended destination trip for you!

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New Zealand

If you are a frequent on YouTube and familiar with Gareth Bayliss (TroutHuntingNZ), then you have most likely seen the pristine fisheries New Zealand has to offer. New Zealand’s large crystal clear rivers are known for large wild brown and rainbow trout species. The land of the Kiwis is split into two islands, North and South. The North Island is home to the world-famous Tongariro River. The South Island offers numerous lodges and opportunities to explore all that the mountains and countryside have to offer.

According to Yellow Dog Fly Fishing, Rainbow Trout were introduced to New Zealand in the 1880s from North America. The rainbow trout population took off since then and has become one of the most illustrious fisheries in the world. Along with the large rainbow trout population, trophy brown trout also accompany this area. As suspected, the trophy trout population present in the North Island has attracted anglers from all over the world searching for the catch of a lifetime.

Itching to fish New Zealand? The Tongariro Lodge provides second to none accommodations situated on the banks of this world-famous river. The lodge is situated south of Lake Taupo and offers custom packages suited for all anglers. Anglers have the choice of fishing numerous rivers and lakes in the Taupo region. Classic New Zealand food and beverage options are included with every stay. The lodge not only offers access to a world-class fishery, but also accommodates guests with hiking, boating, helicopter tours, skiing, and other exhilarating activities. The trip of a lifetime is waiting for you and now is the perfect time to book!

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Alaska, the Last Frontier, known for its vast wilderness, towering glaciers, and abundant wildlife. There aren’t very many locations in the world where anglers can share the river with grizzlies and moose! Although removed from the lower 48, Alaska encompasses 80% of national wildlife refuge land in America. Along with wildlife refuge land, the last frontier is home to incredible waterways known for housing a plethora of fish species. Knowing all of this, Alaska makes for an excellent destination trip to plan during your time of quarantine.

Anglers visiting Alaska are privileged with an excess of world-class fly fishing locations offered nowhere else in the world. You can find yourself fishing the famous Kenai River, home to Sockeye, Pink, and King Salmon as well as large Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. The iconic Kenai is an 82-mile body of water that traverses through the Kenai mountain range. The river can be considered famous for its world-class king salmon run occurring annually. Along with the Kenai River, Alaska offers prime fishing in the Kasilof River, Russian River, Lake Creek, and various other locations throughout the state. Needless to say, anglers can be assured that boredom will not be in their vocabulary.

Due to the sheer mass and size of the state of Alaska, its waterways jet out in every direction. Lodging is important for a destination trip, and anglers certainly have a variety to choose from depending on their location. The Riversong Lodge is an excellent option for anglers visiting the Anchorage area. Located on the Yetna River and Lake Creek, this remote lodge offers exquisite amenities for anglers all over the world. Lake Creek is a remote tributary famous for rainbow trout and salmon fishing opportunities. Like most lodges, Riversong offers non-fishing activities that may also pique anglers’ interest during their time off of the water.

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Airline Perks During the Pandemic

The recent pandemic has lead to restrictions being placed on travel at the statewide as well as countrywide level. Due to the restrictions, airlines have offered perks to travelers who book during this time of social isolation. Along with the perks comes disappointments as trips are being canceled on a daily basis leaving us feeling depressed and confused. However, many airlines have waived flight transfer fees and extended the windows when you can reschedule, some going deep into 2021. If you’re willing to risk it and on a budget, now may be the time to book!

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