This Video Will Get You Excited About Fall Fishing

You can feel it in the air. A slight cool breeze that glimmers hope after an intense and muggy summer. Autumn is upon us. While almost all of us look forward to sweater weather, football, and the holidays, only a select few of us know the true hidden treasure of the season, trout fishing. Nothing beats waking up to a warm cup of coffee and heading to the stream with the high hopes of hooking into some hefty and beautiful cold water trout. It’s not just the aggressive fish that get me so excited for this specific fishing season. It’s the beauty of autumn nature and presence of joyful thoughts that the season brings. The short film “Cadent” by Livit Films does a perfect job of embodying the beauty, joy, and general appreciation of fall fishing with it’s artistic cinematography and editing. This film never fails to get me pumped for my favorite fishing season.

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