For years, the fishing industry has been stuck with the same style of waders. As the industry has continued to grow there has been little to no innovation to push fly fishing fashion into the future. That is, until now… The world’s first Denim Waders.

Denim waders going on a foot

After years of product testing, traveling around the globe sourcing materials, and consulting fashion experts; Flylords and Ripton Co have teamed up to release what might be the most innovative technical apparel product in the history of fly fishing. JADERS.

Logos on Denim waders

JADERS are a denim wader made from a proprietary denim formula developed by Flylords and Ripton Co out of Carbondale, CO. The two Carbondale brands were committed to finding a way to design a pair of waders for the next generation, keen to express themselves in the outdoors. From Elliot Wilkinson-Ray, the founder of Ripton Co, “I truly believe we are taking a positive step together by making one of the most innovative products both the denim and fly fishing industry have ever seen”.

Featuring reinforced bombproof stitching all done in Carbondale, CO these denim waders are guaranteed to never leak, or Ripton and Flylords will give you your money back. Other features include double front pockets for easy access to your fly box, phone, and can even fit a tenkara rod. There is also an interior insulated pocket for your snacks. This insulated pocket will keep your cold snacks cold and your hot snacks piping hot.

fly box out of denim waders

The Jaders are available for purchase for the MSRP of $649.99. Go get yourself a pair, you will catch more fish, be the best looking on the river, and never go back to Goretex again.


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