The Perfect Shot: Fly Fishing Meets Solar Eclipse

I took this shot today right outside of Saratoga, WY on the North Platte River. I work as a guide and as media production for @brushcreekranch and @frenchcreekbcr. The angler is Adam Crowson (@crashcrowson). He and I headed out on the Platte early this morning in our continued search for rising pods of fish during the August Trico hatch on the  Platte.

We fished all morning, took a few breaks from about 10:20-11:30 to check out the eclipse. We knew the peak of the eclipse was due around 11:45. So, we started fishing again. The heavens literally aligned today for this shot, about 3min before totality (well, our 96% totality here) Adam sight-casted to this nice brown feeding on the surface, ate a #20 trico spinner. We landed him, I laid about neck deep in water to get the necessary angle, Adam hoisted the trout, I snapped a handful or different exposures with an ND filter, set the fish free, a little photo blending later, this image!

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