October 1st is the opening day on Pyramid Lake and for us, it’s like Christmas morning.

The gigantic trout are what brings us here but the sunrises on Pyramid are some of the most stunning skies you will ever witness.

We look forward to our opening week trip all year long. Always hoping for good weather and reminiscing on years past when everything came together.

She ain’t pretty but Jimmy’s little old trailer sure but it’s getting sandblasted by wind and tying flies in your truck all night. There’s something about dry camping on a desolate beach with no cell service that makes me feel alive

In the fall we pray for warm days and calm water on Pyramid, which is rare for those of you who aren’t familiar with the lake.

When those ideal conditions line up it creates a natural phenomenon where baitfish ball up the size of your house and are herded by the largest cutthroat trout in the world-devouring them from all angles. It’s a truly rare sight to see, especially when you are trout fishing.

Once the lake receives its first cold snap of weather each year the fishing becomes far tougher, which usually comes ironically a few days before the opener.

28 Lbs in one net. Nothing better than sharing triple hookups with a couple of your best buds all day long!

The baitfish disperse and dive down to the deep depths of the lake taking the trout with them.

Each year we take the gamble that it’s going to be an epic opener but most of the time we strike out, go anyway and grind out a few fish in nasty winds.

Well, this was not one of those years and conditions were as good as it gets. By the end of our trip, we had sore arms, blistered hands, and in the evening on the way back to the beach even our faces hurt from smiling all day long!

Out here we measure fish in pounds not inches. Years ago we were all looking for that 10+ pounder. Nowadays as these fish rapidly grow the 10+ pounder is more common and we have shifted to looking for that 20+ pounder!

It’s hard to describe the glowing turquoise water when the sun hits the surface but it sure is captivating

It all came together again this year and everyone was scoring! Until next year!

Words from Tom Lippen @rippenlippen, photos from Jimmy Goodman @goodmannnnnn. Additional anglers include Alex Filmore @fillyfillmore
and Pyramid Lake guide Sam Vasily @samvasily.

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