The Patagonia Boots We All Have Been Waiting For, Have Arrived…

Patagonia just released their newest line of wading boots in partnership with Danner Boots. Each pair is manufactured by Danner Boots in Portland, Oregon. These boots have been in the field being meticulously tested by Patagonia’s team of Ambassadors and are finally available to the public.

There are 2 versions of the new Danner-built boots, the River Salt Wading Boot and the Foot Tractor Wading Boot. The River Salt is a lightweight model designed to be used where ever you are fishing and feature more flexible materials making them perfect for long hikes to the river or day-long wades on the flats. The Foot Tractor Boot features a stiffer and more stiff and durable upper and comes with options for Felt and rubber soles, as well as an option featuring Patagonia’s classic aluminum bars for grip in any wading situation.

Discover how each boot is handmade in this video from Danner Boots:

Discover all about the new boots on Patagonia’s website, here.

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