The Most Popular Flylords Blogs of 2018

2018 was a massive year for us here at Team Flylords. We’ve gone on some epic adventures, captured insane moments in time, and landed memories that will last lifetimes. Today we wanted to take a quick look at some of our favorite pieces and series from 2018 as we get our gear ready for what 2019 has in store!

#1 – 7 Things You Never Knew About “A River Runs Through It”

River Runs Through It premiered on October 9, 1992 – 25 years ago. Based on the novella by Norman Maclean, “A River Runs Through It” launched the career of Brad Pitt and boosted interest in fly fishing. Even as it celebrates its 25-year anniversary, the movie continues to captivate viewers who resonate with its story of tragedy, family, the American West, fishing, and…Read More. 

#2 – The Consequences of Poor Runoff Management

I’ve grown up a stone’s throw away from a world class tributary to Lake Ontario, one of the many great lakes surrounding the Northern United States. Spent my summers, winters and falls finding myself waist deep in its waters, attempting to fool the smartest of fish to make a meal out of the flies I throw at them. I have always enjoyed the beauty of the many apple orchards that border its waters, but as I found in recent years, this beauty comes at a price…Read More.

#3 – The Difference Between Steelhead & Rainbow Trout

While most avid fly fishermen are aware that there is a difference between Steelhead and Rainbow Trout, not all fly fishermen are able to define the difference between the two beyond stating their behavioral differences and noting their distinct difference in size. However, while this is an accurate general description of the two, it does not really do much to define the differences between them…Read More.

#4 – How to Stock Trout from an Airplane…

One of our favorite fishing related videos is watching western wildlife management officials stock trout from airplanes. This method allows the officers to release trout into high alpine lakes that may be unreachable via paved roads.  The history of the practice is truly an interesting tale, laid out by Gizmodo writer Anders Halverson…Read More.

#5 – 20 Celebs That Fly Fish

The famous and wealthy of the world are more than what meets the eye behind the camera lens. They do in fact have interests, passions, and hidden talents beyond what the media presents. I know, shocking… After scrolling through this list, you will discover they are actually normal individuals (most of the time) and need hobbies to keep them sane from their crazy work schedules. These are the celebs that find peace and satisfaction with a fly rod…Read More. 

#6 – The Difference Between Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Cut-Bow Trout

When asked to define the difference between a Rainbow Trout and a Cutthroat Trout, a biologist would tell you that although both species have different origins and ranges, they are both members of the same family and genus Salmonidae oncorhynchus but, that they are also two distinct and different species…Read More.

#7 – 6 Things You Never Knew About Brook Trout

Brook trout are definitely one of our favorite species to target on the fly. They are beautiful, live in incredible places, and will not hesitate to slam a dry fly. Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about one of our favorite species…Read More. 

#8 – 10 Tips: Catching More Trout

The weather is getting nicer, and the trout bite is back on! Here are 10 ways you can increase your hook-up rate on your local trout stream in 2019…Read More.

#9 – 5 Ways to Improve Your Nymphing

The old saying goes that trout feed subsurface 90% of the time. I’m still not sure if that’s true, but I am sure that I catch way more than 90% of my trout below the surface. Effectively fishing flies in the water column requires the angler to think strategically about the best way to present the fly in a given scenario. Here are 5 things to consider next time you’re nymphing that will help you maximize your success…Read More.

#10 – How to Catch the Fish of a Lifetime

Many determining factors come into play when deciding what kind of a fishing day you desire to have. The main three are the size of fish you wish to target, followed by fishing location, and lastly, the weather. You can go fishing and catch tons of 18” rainbows and dinks, or you can try for one whopper brown trout, the choice is yours…Read More. 

Blog Series:

2018 also saw the launch of a few of our on-going blog series highlighting fly fishing filmmakers and influencers making waves in the industry. Check them out and stay tuned for their next installments!

Costa del Mar Presents: Behind the Guides Series

We are excited to launch a new original blog series presented by Costa Sunglasses. We will be highlighting some badass guides from around the world and bring you exclusive interviews and content through the Flylords blog. Read all the interviews here!

Fly Fishing Film Tour Presents: Behind the Lens

We sat down with every filmmaker from the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour for exclusive interviews about the behind-the-scenes action that is involved in every film.  Featuring interviews with Jako Lucas, Dr. Grant Wiswell, RC Cone, RA Beattie, Colorblind Media, and  Matt Devlin. Discover more about your favorite film!

Flylords Presents: Faces of Fly Fishing

Our Faces of Fly Fishing series is a passion project here at Flylords. We highlight the creators, influencers and innovators in the outdoors and fly fishing to discover their stories and what makes them do what they do. Featuring interviews with Jeremy Wade, Joshua Hutchins, April Vokey, Jeremiah Clark, Hilary Hutcheson, Rolf Nylinder and many more. These interviews give you a glimpse into what its like to truly live and breathe fly fishing…Read More.

Happy New Years from Team Flylords. Here’s to tight lines in 2019!

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