The Making of: “Simms Fish it Well Diary: Never Cast Doubt w/ Paula Shearer”

All photos courtesy of Darcy Bacha

What does it mean to “Never Cast Doubt”? It’s the tagline of the new Simms G3 2022 wader and gear line, but goes far deeper than standard marketing jargon. “Ferocious weather, pushy water, and technical terrain – backed by pros who know the G3 Guide takes it all in stride…” as you’ll find it defined by the team behind the new G3 collection, a line 20 years in the making. To never cast doubt is to never second guess your decisions on the water. It’s the sense of confidence a seasoned angler has in their research, skill, and their gear. Doubt is a bi-product of fear, and fear is a prelude to failure which in the world of guiding, is not an option. It was this mentality that, when searching for an embodiment of this spirit, the Simms team came across the story of Paula Shearer.

paula casting

Who is Paula Shearer?

Paula is a hard-rowing, ass-kicking, time-tested guide based out of Alberta, Canada. Since she was a young girl, Paula has spent her free time exploring the outdoors, while being immersed in competitive sports like hockey, lacrosse, and skeleton racing. As Paula got older, Paula focused her efforts on training to work towards making the Olympics one day, representing her home country of Canada in Skeleton Racing. Through rigorous training, Paula experienced immense strain on her body, specifically her head. After a traumatic automobile accident, and being diagnosed with multiple concussions as well as symptoms of many prior head injuries, Paula knew she had to walk away from the world of competitive sports.

paula walking through the field

However, if you know Paula, you know she’s not one to sit still for long. For many, this news would have been a death sentence, for her, it was only an opportunity. From there, Paula continued to pursue her unforgotten love of fly-fishing and channeled her competitive nature into guiding. Determined to be the absolute best possible version of herself, she started to dive deeper and deeper into her guide career, pushing the limits of what it means to be a fishing guide. Longer trips, more fish, earlier starts: the spirit many guides strive to embody, Paula demonstrates on a weekly basis.

paula guiding

Today, through unrelenting fervor and determination, Simms Pro, Paula Shearer is one of the most reputable guides in Alberta. If you see her on the water, give a wave… that is if you can catch her.

The Making of: “Simms Fish it Well Diary: Never Cast Doubt w/ Paula Shearer”

In the summer of 2021, we had the privilege of teaming up with the Simms team to put our minds together to form a story surrounding G3’s 2022 launch. Already knowing our subject, Paula, the planning just came down to how her story was to be told. Through storyboarding, permitting, and trip-planning, the project was in motion, and we were on our way to Calgary, Alberta to meet with Paula, and her friends Justin and Scott.

justin and paula

Upon arriving, we got our first in-person perspective towards the new G3 line, and before we knew it, alarms were set for a full week of shooting. Joined by Simms’ creative team of Darcy Bacha (Photographer), as well as Rex Messing (BCP) and Cassie Cline (PMC), we set out to capture a week of adventure, in the typical Canadian fashion. Fueled by Tim Horton’s breakfast wraps, and covered in cold, refreshing, Canadian rain; we had the privilege of watching Paula and company put the G3 waders to the test. Scree slopes, boulder hops, and questionable climbs were just the basis of our shoot routes, as we maneuvered through the Canadian Backwoods, experiencing what was “just another day in the office” for Paula.

paula in the backwoods

The vision of the film was to focus it around Paula’s story, not just as a guide, but what brought her there. This was through the lens of young Paula’s eyes, as well as a glimpse into her old racing career through the visor of her helmet. After lots of technical rigging and lighting, brought to life by the magnificent mind of Max Erickson (Flylords Director of Photography), as well as long hours of acquiring footage, editing, and sound design from Jeb Burroughs (editor), we knew we had something special on our hands. A story worth telling – without doubt.

max with his camera


More about the new G3 line:

All we can say is, after watching what Paula and other guides put their gear through, it takes a special type of engineering to make a product like the G3 waders. Designed and made in Bozeman, Montana – this gear lives up to the tagline: “Never Cast Doubt”. From everything we witnessed in helping bring this film to life, all we can say is:

If these waders are good enough for what Paula puts them through, they’re good enough for you.

paula in rapids

If you’re interested in learning more about the G3 line, CLICK HERE.

Thank you to Simms and the Simms production team for allowing us the privilege to make this film come to life. Also, thank you to Paula, Justin, Scott, Mike, and everyone else for working with us day and night to help bring this story to fruition. Be on the lookout for more on the way from our friends in Bozeman, and keep up with all future G3 developments HERE.

paula in the mountains

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