Fishing BC: Meadow Lake Tranquility with Paula Shearer

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Fishing BC made yet another beautiful video featuring Paula Shearer lake fishing in Caribou Country. Paula stayed at the Meadow Lake Lodge and fished for rainbow trout in this pristine part of British Columbia. Caribou Country is located in the middle of BC and offers lake and river fishing amidst amazing scenery. To learn more about Paula’s trip and her unique loon encounter, check out our interview with her below.

Flylords: What part of British Columbia were you in for this trip?

Paula: I was in Caribou Country for my Fishing BC adventure. It was so fun to be there because I grew up fishing in that area. My dad and uncles would take me out to the lakes and we would fish all day. When I was 8 my dad taught me the basics of fly fishing and by the time I was 12, I would go to the lakes on my own and fish! Being back in Caribou Country was super enjoyable, and I made some great memories.

Flylords: What was your favorite part of the adventure at Meadow Lake Lodge?

Paula: I love the idea of going to a place that is so secluded. The lodge and lakes offered that and it was wonderful. As much as I enjoy being with people, it is also so nice to be alone. The cabins at Meadow Lake Lodge were also really nice. I liked the rustic feel but with the amenities of modern times. It was honestly just great to unplug and be out in the woods for a few days.

Flylords: How does stillwater fishing compare to river/creek fishing?

Paula: Stillwater and river fishing are two very different genres of fishing. They each have different entomology and features. Reading river water and figuring out where to fish in a lake is totally different! Lake topography is so unique, and I enjoyed learning more about still water fishing while in Caribou Country.

Flylords: Did you enjoy changing up your routine from creek/river fishing to lake fishing?

Paula: I have a lot of experience fishing rivers, so it was fun to get back into some lake fishing. I love the aspect of learning and stillwater fishing has lots of knowledge to offer. The bugs, fish, water, almost everything was so different and I really enjoyed that! The seclusion that the lakes offer is also so nice. I loved being able to learn so much in the very area that I began fly fishing back when I was a kid.

Flylords: Did you learn anything new during your trip to Meadow Lake?

Paula: Learning about the lakes themselves was super cool. The entomology aspect and matching the hatch was fun as always. It was much different from my normal river fishing routine, from the variety of bugs to the presentation. The behavior of fish were different as well and it was a welcome challenge to find the best ways to catch the rainbows.

Flylords: Did you encounter any wildlife while at the lakes?

Paula: Yes!! Let me start off by saying we tried our hardest to release the rainbow trout away from the loon… but the loon was quick. It would circle around the watermaster raft like a shark after we got a fish in the net. The loon must have figured out that fish were somehow coming up to the surface with people floating with poles in the lake! We saved some fish from the loon but one time it snatched a little trout up and took it to its babies. Right before our eyes, we witnessed true nature as an eagle screeched and grabbed the fish from the loon and babies. It was a pretty wild experience that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

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Flylords: You fished in multiple lakes in Caribou Country, did you find certain lakes to be more rewarding than others?

Paula: The lakes that were a further hike held the larger fish, but the closer lakes held more, smaller fish. We heard stories about some nice-sized trout in a lake a few kilometers further than the others and we had to check it out. It was no easy task getting there though. I carried my watermaster and gear on my back (about 65 lbs) and it was a workout! Although I did not catch any trophy fish, I still got some beautiful rainbows and it felt amazing to have a whole lake to myself.

Flylords: What makes fishing in British Columbia so special?

Paula: There are so many aspects of fishing in British Columbia and it really makes for a neverending mix of fishing fun. Each part of BC offers different fish and I love the learning experience it provides. I’ve gone steelhead fishing in the northwest, cutthroat fishing in the east, lake fishing in the middle, and it never gets old! I think of British Columbia as my backyard. Although I live in Alberta now, I grew up in the woods and waters of BC and much of my extended family still lives there. I always enjoy fishing for a variety of fish in British Columbia and am so grateful to get out on the water in such a beautiful place.

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