The 2020 State-Fish Art Contest

They call it “The Art of Conservation.”

Every year since 1997, Wildlife Forever, a non-profit organization, puts on its State-Fish Art Competition. The idea originated when a 5th grader became stumped on a homework assignment relating to US states’ official state fish species and had trouble finding resources about them. And thus was born the State-Fish Art competition, annually open to youth K-12 worldwide, it’s an incredible chance for kids all over to learn more about unique species and why we need to conserve as many of these special fish as possible.

According to Wildlife Forever, “The annual international contest has been around for over 20 years educating kids, teachers, and parents on aquatic resources, conservation, and fish. Participate today and incorporate STEAM education into your learning.”

However, a new field of entry has been created to highlight migratory fish around the globe, in partnership with the World Fish Migration Foundation. Jeremy Wade is even getting in on the action calling all young people to enter the competition.

For information on how to get a classroom involved or to enter, head to competitions web page, here!

Check out some of the award-winning pieces from last year’s competition:

Edward Bae | Virginia | Grade 11 | Striped Bass
Stephanie Wang | Walleye | Grades 4-6 | New York
Yugi Zhou | Cutthroat Trout | Grades 10-12 | Massachusetts
Vivian He | Brook Trout | Grades K-3 | Pennsylvania

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