We’ve been fortunate enough to get our hands on the all-new Yakima DoubleHaul Fly Rod Holder over the past couple of weeks. The new rod rack debut last year, many anglers have been attracted to it for its durability and large reel and rod storing capability. We caught up with the Roof Rack aficionados at YAKIMA to learn more about the all-new DoubleHaul Fly Rod Holder.

Flylords: What Yakima roof rack systems integrate best with the DoubleHaul fly rod holder?

Yakima: The DoubleHaul comes with universal mounting hardware, which makes it compatible with all of our rack systems and most factory crossbars right out of the box. We also have a “SmarT-Slot Kit 3” (sold separately) that allows DoubleHaul to integrate seamlessly with most t-slot crossbars on the market.

Flylords: What separates the DoubleHaul from other rod holders on the market?

Yakima: The DoubleHaul’s two biggest distinctions in the market are its increased rod-and-reel capacity and its improved protection of rods and reels thanks to the way they’re oriented on their sides when stowed. The DoubleHaul can accommodate two spey rods and most 12-weight reels in the top two slots, and most 10-weight reels in the bottom two slots. All four tubes accommodate rods up to 10 feet long. Placing the reels on their side cuts down on road vibration being transferred to the rod and reduces strain and wear on rod eyelets.

Flylords: Are there design features that prevent the rods from rubbing in the tubes?

Yakima: In addition to the side placement of the reels, the plastic-lined aluminum rod tubes provide strength and separation for your rods while helping prevent abrasion. We also include clip-on rubber pads that provide extra padding for your rod for long road trips or extra rough roads.

Flylords: How well does the reel box accommodate larger reels 10WT+?

Yakima: The reel box accommodates most 12-weight reels in the upper slots. The lower slots accommodate most 10-weight reels. We do have a dimensional chart on the first page of the DoubleHaul instructions that will help you determine your exact setup compatibility.

Flylords: How simple is self-installation?

Yakima: Super easy! It’s tool-free, quick and lockable. Everything we do at Yakima is with the end-user in mind, and that is evident in the install experience. (First-time assembly requires the attachment of four bolts, but we include the required tools in the box.)


Flylords: What made you decide to enter the fishing space?

Yakima: It’s a natural fit since so many of our customers enjoy fishing in addition to camping, biking, skiing, and paddling. The growth in the popularity of kayak fishing is what really prompted our entrance into fishing in the last few years with the EasyRider multi-sport trailer and the BigCatch fishing kayak saddles. The next step was to create a product to carry fishing rods. We’ve made racks for bikes, skis, kayaks and other outdoor gear for 40 years, and this gives us the chance to leverage our expertise in carrying and protecting your fishing gear on your vehicle.

Flylords: Any fun projects in the works for 2020?

Yakima: Of course, but none we can tell you about yet! For now, we’ll keep busy making more new fishing products for all those hungry fishing customers out there.

Flylords: Where can someone pick up a new Doublehaul Rod Holder?

Yakima: Any Yakima dealer can get it for you. Hit the Shop Locally button on the DoubleHaul product page to help find dealers near you.

To get your hands on one of your own, check out the Doublehaul Rod Holder online here.

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