Sneak Peek: Top 10 Fly Fishing Products of 2024

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – The Flylords crew made the journey to the AFFTA Confluence Conference this year to check out some of the best new fly fishing products of 2024, and the turn out did not disappoint. Check out our top ten favorites below and hit the video link to watch our full reviews.

1. Turtle Box Grande Speaker

We don’t even have 99+ friends to all connect to this speaker at once, but boy, we sure would like to try. With a 10 inch woofer and more durable than ever, if you’re rolling up to the party in this thing, you’re winning the most popular award by a landslide.


2. Winston Air 2 Max

Winston’s newest salt water rod that’s really light just feels… right. Add it to the quiver!

3. Sea Run Case: Andrea Larko Limited Edition Norfolk Case

This thing is stunning. With a special vinyl decal and a 10 year warranty, the new limited edition Norfolk case by Sea Run Cases is a great gift for you or a buddy that’s sure to be turning heads.

4. OnWater App V2

New and improved! the OnWater App Version 2 has a full hydrology map of the US. No need to manually search for your rivers anymore – you can just see where you are on the map, zoom in, and see the hydrology of your area. It also has 3D capabilities and many more features. Download the App HERE.

5. CF Designs Chest Storage Pack

With a magnetic design for flies to keep them in to dry, a built in line cutter, built in spot for your tippet and a fully modular phone system. Available now at local fly shops.

6. Grundens Tough Sun Hoodie

This sun hoodie is extremely durable. Grundens is so confident in their latest design that if you get any kind of wear or tear on it, they’ll replace it.

7. Abel Pliers

Back and better than ever. We’re super stoked on Abel’s new pliers – the cutters can not only be replaced, but you can take them out, rotate them 180 degrees, put them back in and get a brand new pair of cutters. Coming out March 2024.

8. Orvis Pro LT Waders

Needing little to no introduction, the new Orvis Pro LT Waders are made for maximum durability and comfortability. Keep and eye out for them in January 2024.

9. Costa King Tides Sunglasses

For their 40th anniversary, Costa is coming out swinging with their new King Tides sunglasses. Two different models with a ton of tech, these are shades you most definitely want when you’re on the water.

10. Echo 84b Fly Rod

A shorter, fast action fly rod made in 6, 7 and 8 weights. Made for punching big flies through heavy wind, of course we need another rod to add to the quiver. Find it for $299 at your local fly shop.


  1. Really? The No. 1 fly fishing product is a speaker? Roll up to my fishing spot blasting your speaker and you might get to see whether it floats, because I would be sorely tempted to chuck it into the middle of the river. Float by me with that thing blasting and I might throw rocks.

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