Snapchat Adventures: Jefferson Rod Co.

Yesterday we found out that Instagram released a new platform for live videos….

Although I would have preferred Instagram to keep things simple, this will add an interesting level of connection between an account and the audience. (The pressure is on for us)

Snapchat is not dead….

We will continue the Snapchat Adventures, and yesterday is one that I hope you had a chance to watch.

Yesterday, TJ Orton was reporting Live from White City, Oregon. TJ has been fishing with the Jefferson Rods for a while now and being one of my favorite freelance photographers, it was a perfect match for this product spotlight. 

 What is better than having your rod Hand Crafted in the USA?

 The Takeover started in the Jefferson Rod factory, Keith was shaping some elegant cork handles. 

If you had a chance to see a rod handle up close… It is a work of art…

Fishing For Summer Steel is not easy…. As TJ puts at the end of the story “I’m not sure how many of you guys Swing For Steelhead, but its tough, we gave it our best shot, and thanks for tuning in!” 

These stories are live, so we can’t promise you fish, but we can promise you honest gear reviews, and some entertaining stories. Make sure you tune in to our Snapchat for the next Takeover!

Snapchat: theflylords

Shoutout to

TJ Orton

Jefferson Rod Co

Brandon Worthington

For doing a great job with the Takeover. Follow these guys on Instagram for some badass content!

 Photos provided by: TJ Orton

Cover Photo by: Sam Dean

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