In our latest Gear Review, we had the chance to test out the innovative technology behind the Lid Rig Ltd. Magnetic Nipper System. Check out what we had to say below.

Whether you consider yourself a minimal angler or a gear head, there are a handful of tools that are a must on the river. One of those tools you shouldn’t be caught dead without is a good pair of nippers unless of course, you prefer to have broken teeth. In our latest gear review, we will be going over a multifaceted nipper system that will have anglers literally using their heads. Below see what we had to say about the Lid Rig Ltd. Magnetic Nipper System.

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Upon Opening:

Upon arrival, we were thoroughly excited to test the hype behind the magnetic system. Plugged as “the last set of nippers you’ll ever need”, the Lid Rig system holds up to the test. This system comes with one of a kind magnetic nippers, a diamond-coated hat clip, and a flexible lanyard for attaching to your waders, backpack, or any other surface. The Lid Rig 2.0 is constructed with corrosive resistant stainless steel, rare earth magnets, and sharpenable blades. Having blades capable of being sharpened has “game-changer” written all over it.

Photo Credit: Owen Rossi

Up until this point, having nippers attached to a lanyard was commonplace. With this, Lid Rig stepped up to the plate bringing us the first set of nippers for your lid. Dual rare-earth magnets provide versatility as the nippers firmly attach to the hat clip on either side. One thing that really stood out was the diamond-plated hat clip containing a groove for sharpening blades. In hand, these nippers just felt strong and capable of being put to the test, and we did just that.

Field Testing:


After admiring its versatility, it was time to put the nippers to the test. We slapped the clip onto the bill of our hats and took it to the river. First impressions during use… let’s just say, these nippers are the real deal. The use of a hat for storage is a complete game-changer. The strength of the magnets could pull a truck out of the water, needless to say, we didn’t have to worry about them falling off. The blades on the nippers cut tippets of all sizes, braided line, fly line, you name it, Lid Rig can cut it. I was using a 10-pound line while chucking streamers around and the tag ends were no competition for this one-of-a-kind product. Having come from using a cheap pair of fingernail clippers, the Lid Rig system was a breath of fresh air and will most likely be the last set of nippers I’ll ever need.


Much like the catchphrase “Built Ford Tough”, these nippers are “Built Lid Rig Tough.” This innovative system contains zero springs, therefore there is no need to worry about them separating or wearing out down the road. As mentioned previously, the dual magnet setup is very strong and the integrity of the build is second to none. This system comes stock with fixed blades meaning they are not interchangeable. Fear not, the diamond plated hat clip has a built-in groove just for sharpening the blades on the nippers. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction has “tough” written all over it. Coming from experience, while snipping a tag end of tippet, the nippers slipped from my hands onto rocks below. Do you think that hurt the nippers? Not a chance, there wasn’t a scratch or ding to be had. After battle-tested abuse, the Lid Rig system reigns supreme and is as durable as they come.


Photo Credit: Owen Rossi

You didn’t just think you were getting a set of game-changing nippers with Lid Rig, did you? Try your all-in-one tool for a float with the boys. Maybe a catch-and-cook camping weekend. Starting with the nippers, Lid Rig features a springless construction as mentioned previously with an eyelet poker. While the eyelet poker is a standard feature, it sure is nice to have in a bind. Packed with options, the hat clip isn’t the only place these nippers could live. Rigging up at your car? Stick the nippers directly to your tailgate for hands-free maneuvering. Are you a boat owner? Place your nippers on the hull of the boat without worry of losing them. Lid Rig nippers are capable of living anywhere they will stick.

The hat clip included is not only a nipper landing dock, but doubles as a bottle opener and a knife sharpener all in one. Sharpen knives on the go with the diamond-coated clip while also cracking some cold ones with your buds with the bottle notch on the outer edge of the clip. Maybe you’re the type of fisherman who carries your nippers on a lanyard? Lid Rig nippers are capable of hooking directly to your favorite lanyard without issue. If you aren’t crazy about adding nippers to your hat and you aren’t a fan of a lanyard, try attaching the hat clip to your wader strap. The included flex cord will hook to the nippers as well as your waders for a secure set up during every trip. The Lid Rig system truly is for every angler and that is what makes it special.

Final Review:


5 star rating


5 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating


5 star rating


Photo Credit: Owen Rossi

We are always down to try “game-changing” gear when we hear about it. The Lid Rig Magnetic Nipper System lives up to that standard. Having a tool as versatile as this one is truly remarkable. The innovative twist of not only offering nippers but a plethora of tools in one can turn a good day into a great day. The slogan of “use your head, snip different” couldn’t be more true with the magnetic system. Coming in at a very reasonable price point, Lid Rig will become your best friend out on the water.

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