Off the Grid Studios’ Films Available to Stream Online [Links and Trailers]

RA Beattie and his team at Off the Grid Studios are a staple in the fly fishing film world. Odds are if you have attended any Fly Fishing Film Tour in the last few years, you’ve seen some of their films up on the silver screen. Well now, you can stream their full filmography on Amazon Prime Video! So if you’ve already burned through our last list of feature-length fly fishing films you can stream for free, here’s another batch of epic and artful films for you to throw on while you’re sitting at the tying bench or kicking back in your living room with a cold beer!

See all the full length Off the Grid Studios films on their Amazon Prime Channel!


“Capt Jack Films and Off the Grid Studio’s presents.. An incredible 292 miles southeast of Mahe, lies the St François Lagoon and adjacent Alphonse Island, part of the Amirantes group of Islands. This is remote, even for the Indian Ocean. Perhaps the most challenging fish to catch is the fabled Milkfish; a turbo-charged algae eater growing to 40lbs. Hold on tight, it’s a wild ride.”

Stream the film, here!

Dubai on the Fly

“The tallest skyscrapers, the fastest cars, the fanciest restaurants and the most exclusive resorts and clubs. When westerners think of Dubai, fishing is about the last thing we imagine, if we think of it at all. But at the heart of this fast, modern city lies a shockingly intact traditional fishing culture alongside a budding fly angling industry. Acting as the Anthony Bourdain of this culture-and-recreation oriented film is Colorado-based angler and film veteran Frank Smethurst. Joining with Captain Nick Bowles and Emirati angler Mohammed Al Faour, Frank unveils familiar and unexpected sides of this iconic city, in the desert and on the water.”

Stream the film, here!

Jungle Angler

“Deep in the jungle lies a formidable predator, known mostly to the native peoples of the South American forests. These native people harmonize with mutual respect for their natural environments. Fishing in the jungles with them has uncovered the Golden Dorado. And with every step deeper into the heart of the jungle, new doors open which could lead to a new way of fly fishing.”

Stream the film, here!

Off the Grid

“Off the Grid is a tour of a few lesser-known fly fishing locations around the world. We were inspired to showcase places that didn’t usually make the “fly fishing map” at the time. Steelhead in the Great Lakes and British Columbia, Canada, unexplored bays in Mexico, the quiet side of Wyoming. These are just a few of the locations explored in this video.”

Stream the film, here!


“On the tiny island of Holbox, a stone’s throw from the Mexico mainland lives a legendary angler named Sandflea. People from all over the world travel here to fish with him. One such gringo is Mike Dawes, who stumbled into Sandflea’s welcoming home years ago and quickly became family. On land, Sandflea’s a dad, a grandfather, the unofficial mayor, a teacher, and the main source of dinner for his neighbors and friends. On the water, he’s as schooled as they come when it comes to Permit and Tarpon. But a childhood bout of Scarlet fever weakened Sandflea’s heart and has led him to multiple surgeries. His willingness to share with all of us makes it all the more ironic . . . the guy with the biggest heart needs a new one. This is the story of the unlikely friendship between two anglers and the willingness of the fly fishing industry to rally around a guide in need.”

Stream the film, here!

Turning Points North

“Jeff Currier started his fishing career in a fly shop, working for $4.75 an hour. Since that time, he’s shaped himself into one of the foremost angling authorities, fishing in more than 50 countries and landing more than 300 species. Woven into Jeff’s stories of life in the fly fishing industry are some of the baddest, most-predatory pike fishing footage ever captured.”

Stream the film, here!


“In “NexGen,” filmmaker RA Beattie tells the story of generational bonds and friendships formed through fly fishing. In the film, Beattie offers a new perspective, as the film is told from the point of view and with the narration of Jack Buccola — a 12-year-old angler from Bend, Oregon. The film follows Jack as he experiences living in a fly fisherman’s house, witnesses the impact of fires on his home waters, and explores new waters on a road trip with his father Ryan, friend Judd Field, and Judd’s father Pete. Throughout the journey, Jack grows to appreciate the steelhead of the Northwest, the native cutthroat trout found on the South Fork of the Snake River and other tributaries, and Jack also realizes the potential for more travel with a tying business.”

Stream the film, here!

Scorpion Expedition

“The Scorpion Trilogy is sure to delight anglers from around the world with its cinematography, world-class fly fishing footage, dynamic storytelling, and humor. It provides a special look into some of the most remote and untouched natural places on the planet and reminds us that we all have more in common than we might think.”

Stream the film, here!

The Arctic

“The crunch of ice. The whistle of the arctic wind. The chill bite of frozen noses and fingers. Filmed in Canada’s Northwest Territories, the film takes a look at the remote Tree River lying sixty-six degrees north of the Equator. This is the real north – the hard north. Home to hordes of Arctic Char, the Tree River is a vast, harsh river tinted with the silty, green tint of glacial melt.”

Stream the film, here!


“Documentary-style adventure film about the history of carp in the USA, as experienced through the lends of fly fishermen. Prized around much of the world as a desirable menu item – and in some areas as a game fish – the name carp carries negative connotations in the USA about its value as table-fare and a sportfish.”

Stream the film, here!

Hawaii on the Fly

“Fly Fishing in Hawaii for some of the largest bonefish in the world? Yes, please. In this short film we follow Hawaii on the Fly Guide Mike Hennessy on a few of his favorite bonefish flats.”

Stream the film, here!

Blue Water Fly Fishing

“This short film is about fly fishing for marlin and sailfish off the coast of Guatemala. It showcases some of the best topwater fly fishing for billfish, as well as great underwater action and interviews with some of the top captains in the world.”

Stream the film, here!

Midwest Tour

“In this short fly fishing film, produced for the Fly Fishing Film Tour, we take you on a whirlwind trip around parts of the northwest in search of bass, pike, and adventure.”

Stream the film, here!

First Descent

“In this fly fishing film, filmmaker and narrator RA Beattie teams up with wilderness guide Mark Rutherford to complete and document the first recorded descent of a wilderness river in Alaska. See an untouched and unfished landscape through the eyes of two lucky anglers.”

Stream the film, here!

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