Incredible Documentary Captures the History of Tarpon Fishing

Silver King: The Birth of Big Game Fishing highlights the history of one of the most famous game fish in the world, the Tarpon. Since the first Tarpon was landed on a rod and reel in 1885 near Ft. Meyers, Florida, the species has captured the hearts and minds of nearly every angler who’s had the pleasure of pursuing them. This hour-long documentary details the full history of Tarpon angling, following many familiar faces in the fly industry who worked hard to develop the rods and reels needed to tame the mighty Silver King.

The film, produced by local PBS station WGCU in 2012 is well worth a watch if you’re passionate about tarpon or just curious about how big game angling began.

This film pairs very well with a nice evening of tying flies and a few glasses of Frigate Reserve Rum!

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