Sasquatch Sighting: Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma

I picked up this costume a couple of years ago from a custom costume maker named Frank Coffman up in Colorado. I’ve worn to quite a few costume party’s but every time I went out fishing, I’d always forget it.

Last weekend we had our annual “Trout Camp” on the Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma, and it’s a time when all of the guys come out for a big gettogether. I finally remembered and knew this was the time to break it out as it’d be a sure hit.

There were a couple of guides that were on that stretch of water with about 6 or 7 clients so I snuck off and changed, then hit the water in costume to thunderous laughter up and down the river. A quick photo session and a couple of spoof videos later, and I became known as the Fishing Squatch for the rest of the weekend.


Article and photos from Brad Besset, if for some reason you ever have need for the Fishing Squatch to join you out on the river be sure to look him up at @bradbesset.

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